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2007- 08 Calendar, will pope 'out west' 18 pgs.


maps for matadors catalogue, 2006


a horse called jupiter
children's video and music production by will pope

Video: A Horse Called Jupiter (10 minute trailer)



trailer - the movie

co-written and co-produced film by will pope

trailer - the movie


pegasus portrait company (will's production company)


album by will pope

a mystery underground




ian mccrudden links: (ian and will have worked on several film projects together and have upcoming productions)

ian mccrudden on imdb (internet movie database)


'start over' new album from ian mccrudden


will's postmodern discussion group on yahoo


more articles on postmodernism:

Post-modernism and the construct
of the divisible self. Journal article by William V. Dunning


'a new lease on painting' by nicole davis on artnet



a treatise on postmodern art by c. andrews.







Visions West

Bozeman/Livingston, Montanta

will pope at Visions West

Meyer Gallery

Park City, Utah

will pope at Meyer Gallery