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will pope a drawing a day


drawings/sketches daily from the studio



ship coming in (mine). watercolor, pencil.


ship coming in (hers). watercolor, pencil.




resting. watercolor, pencil.






the bear and the boat. watercolor, pencil, gold leaf .




arriving (shangri la). watercolor, pencil, linocut, copper leaf.








water buffalo. pencil, pastel.


actual. pencil, pastel.



yellow with whale. pencil, pastel.








cellular. pencil, pastel.



cloven green, or the little hill. pencil, pastel.



down the street. pencil, pastel.







frisky. pencil drawing.



gallup stage left. pencil drawing.



old long-leg. pencil drawing.












the letter 'e.' pencil, pastel.




ritual. pencil, pastel.










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